Sunday, December 14, 2008

SWEDEN: A Tradition in Teaching Kids To Be Racist Bastards.

I found a new picture that compliments one Bad Cop and I took long ago.

Remember this? Erasers found in the local Swedish toy store:

Well, check out this Bamse comic book:

And I know what you're thinking, this must be really old or something, like from the sixties!

Nope...first published in 1988. And then they figured it was too good to not publish a SECOND TIME, so it was republished in 1993.

I couldn't make shit like this up.


a swede said...

Wow. Way to take things out of context. Those rubbers are from what? The 70's? I mean c'mon.

And that Bamse magazine taught us about respecting each other unconditionally no matter what color or nationality.

I don't see the United States waving the "We are the world" flag anytime soon either.


Those erasers are available, right Barnens Hus toy store in Piteå. I took them with my camera phone recently. No Delorian was used to travel back in time.

I shit not. If it was in the 70's...(which is still a bit beyond an appropriate time to create such an eraser) I could perhaps understand. But nope...these are on the market as we speak.

The US may not be waving a "we are the world" flag, but we sure as hell allow people of other nationalities the ability to work, provide a living for themselves, and blend in society. Perhaps because the USA is only 232 years old, and most of us are all from mixed backgrounds in one form or another. But then again, up here in Norrland - even the Swedes get treated like shit if they aren't from the city in question. Which leaves little hope for the rest of us.

an amused swede (same) said...

Well.. I wouldn't judge entire Sweden from Norrlands point of view (hah!).

I don't think you know this but Norrland is very different from the rest of Sweden. Actually Norrland is a bit bullied. I'm not surprised you judge Sweden immediately from looking at Norrland, we all do! Welcome to the life of a Swede.

Can I say 'negerbollar'? It's suuuch a tradition D: or do I need your consent on that one?

Anonymous said...

Read before you judge! kalle Svartkalle was a comic about a poor hedgehog that was bullied by the other hedgehogs, beacuse of his colour. In the end, hey learn that there is no difference between them- we are all the same.