Friday, February 5, 2010

Old People Zombies

It's happened to you a million times. You're in a hurry to get somewhere and decided to pop into your local grocery store (usually a COOP or an ICA) and you somehow end up behind either the always obnoxious stroller maffia or even get behind "THEM"! Old people..aka Zombies!
Well they may look harmless enough, don't be fooled old people will hunt you down for your brains!

Old people are old people. They've lived a long time and have a right to be slow, smell a bit funny and say crazy things. We all accept this. Hell, when I get old I am gonna wear rubber boots everywhere and yell at kids from my porch. But something magical happens when you get more than 2 old people together in a confined space...they ban together, move even more slowly and start chanting their mantra. No, not BRAINS! We all know that old people live off of bullar and hotdogs. (unlike their American counterparts who live off of dogfood)

Their cries of BULLAR....VARMKORV...BULLAR...VARMKORV could be heard for miles.

Well it has finally happened. Photographic proof that old people are zombies. Some fearless photographer braved the zombie apocalypse to capture this photo. Notice that grandma is not at all bothered by the swarm of zombies chasing her, chanting BRAINS..BRAINS! She is perfectly content to calmly push her walker across the crosswalk, fearless in a moment of imminent death. Why is she fearless..because zombies don't eat their own!

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