Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Mannequins!!!

I just can't get enough of the Swedish mannequins. I fear Hobo Shoes has awakened a fetish inside good ole Bad Cop. Here are some of the gems I saw today while perusin my friend the interweb...someone is gonna have some fucked up dreams tonight!

The first comes from the "Wanted" section of eniro.se (the Swedish equivalent of the Yellow Pages). Our collector in Uppland is looking for "Older mannequins, preferably older mannequins with a molded hair-do". Personally I enjoy his fashion taste in dressing his mannequins. The hat, the shades, the jacket, this just screams Top Gun! I wonder what he does with his "Older model mannequins"? Plausible car pool members? Filler for that emtpy sofa? or does he do what Hobo Shoes wants to do someday and dress his mannequins in the outfits he is planning on wearing tomorrow.

Example 2 comes to us from Stockholm...I don't think much explanation is needed to get into the Swedish Psyche..but who doesn't love boobs?

Finally...a Swedish child mannequin... I'm so scared right now!

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