Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crazy About Chlamydia!

Are you young? Horny? Norwegian? Careless about condom use? Worried about getting "the Clap"? Then this article is for you! Luleå Hockey "star" Robin Lindqvist is here to teach us all about STD prevention!

Robin as you can see from the picture is not only a hockey player, he is also either a used car salesman or a porn star from the seventies. Love that suit and tie combo Robin! Love it! Boom-chicka-waaow! Actually he is an undercover reporter who skates and raps about stds! Does it get any better??

Here is the article translated from the original Swedish via Google Translator (I'm not doing it by hand, I got better shit to do with my time! If you want to read the original in Swedish click here). For those of you who are also lazy and just don't wanna read that much I've highlighted the awesomest parts.

"Careless with condoms" Are you young and horny, but careless about condoms? Then, the risk is great that you suffer from chlamydia. A venereal disease that is steadily increasing, mainly among young people. Now the county council takes the help of Luleå Hockey to get more people to protect themselves. The best way to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases is undoubtedly a condom. But it is perhaps not to do that the condemned person Norwegian (sorry, Norway!) Who got to choose execution method and elected to receive a syringe with the HIV virus. Afterward he laughed good and said "HAHA, I use a condom."
Condom is good. It is to show care, respect and love for his partner. Unfortunately, the trend is that fewer are using condoms, while chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases is increasing, says bio the doctor Anders Österlund.
The worrying trend is why the County Council's disease control unit chosen to cooperate with Luleå Hockey when the risks of unprotected sex to be elucidated. In a series of nine short films titled "no action without protection - the use of condoms" guides us hockey star Robin Lindqvist to safer sex practices. We cooperated with Luleå Hockey two years ago and got good penetration then. Hockey is a little macho and the hope is to reach more guys, "said Österlund. Robin Lindqvist is pleased with his effort as "investigative reporter". It was fun. We shall see what the guys say in training tomorrow, "he said, smiling.
The films are out on the County Council's website ( and will be used for information and discussion. The whole project has cost more than 300 000 kroner. Since the mid-90s, the number of cases of chlamydia has increased steadily in Sweden. 47 101 chlamydia cases. The majority (88 percent) were found in the 15-29 age group. Nowadays, chlamydia by far the most common sexually transmitted disease in Sweden. The disease is caused by a bacterium (Chlamydia trachomatis) and the incubation period is very short, often just a few days. Many who have the disease do not notice it, but for some the symptoms may be pain and itching when urination. Chlamydia can be cured with antibiotics, but women are not treated in danger of becoming sterile, men can get inflammation of the bi-testicles. Since chlamydia are classified as general dangerous disease, every case reported and the infected must declare any sexual partners he had.

So let's check out one of these awesome films...

Well done Robin! Well done! Although you sneaking around 2 homosexual guys' bedroom watching them have sex and then running out isn't as impressive as your film from last year...

What happened? What happened? Maybe you got an infection of the bi-testicles?

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